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I Was an Athlete

Athletics are a huge part of my life and identity. I was a standout football and basketball player at the University of New Hampshire. As an athlete who suddenly lost legs, you can imagine the mental crisis I went through. When my injuries were no longer life-threatening, a cool transformation began as I owned my circumstances. I started to see the silver lining and be the silver lining for myself and others. And, yes, I walk funny!

The Dilemma

Would I be able to walk?

Would I be able to run or be active?

Could I have a family or take care of my kids?

I spent a lot of late nights thinking about these things.

As I did, I concluded that if I was a good athlete before my accident, I could still be a good athlete post-injury.

I worked hard to put myself in a position to be successful, still unsure exactly what success was as a bilateral leg amputee.


I started working out daily, got up to 20 miles a week on the treadmill, and 300 situps and pushups a day. From time to time, there was friction with my doctors and physical therapists because I felt I could go further and faster than they recommended some things in a given period. It all worked out, and I’m grateful for the help. For me, things just had to adjust to my belief in myself.

My Positive Recovery

My focus on seeing and being the silver lining carried me far in a relatively short time. I make sure to feel joy and to encourage and share the joy with others every day. Life’s ride is bumpy at times, so it’s necessary to have skills to ride the difficult bumps too.


Spreading Positivity Through Music

My goal is to inspire others through my music. I love connecting with people through my lyrics and music. Check out my music and videos below. My musical partners, singers Concetta and Gilda, and my partner producers/arrangers, Kenny Adamson, Yuki Kanesaka, and Perry Geyer, have jumped on the same musical page in a way that has helped to take the vibe I’m going for to new heights. Be sure to look for Muji Karim on Apple Music!

Muji's Music

Travelling Speaker

As the pandemic eases, I’ll look forward to seeing many of my friends in person. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out to me and talk about what’s possible virtually.

Transforming Your Life

It’s time to transform your life, and I am here to give you the tools you need to succeed.

I conduct personalized workshops and outreach programs for youth, adults, burn victims, amputees, and those suffering from post-accident distress and depression.

I focus on positivity and willpower in the workplace and the strengths that we have inside us.

Beautifully Diverse Moments on Video

Our team encourages you to reach out to us if you need help with a diversity or equality promotion. Our partner videographers and musical partners can help all of us to produce just the right, artistic statement.