Muji Entertains


Connecting Though Music

My lyrics are moving, humorous, and creative. My goal is to inspire others with my music.

Check out these samples below, and look for Muji on iTunes. Shout out also to the power and beauty of Concetta and Gilda Betancourt's backing vocals.

Muji's Music

Travelling Speaker

Muji is a traveling speaker who motivates people using his experience and shares his passion for positivity.

Believing that differences and diversity create strength and opportunity, he shares his painful journey as a shining light on the real motivators in life.

Transforming Your Life

It’s time to transform your life, and I am here to give you the tools you need to succeed.

I conduct personalized workshops and outreach programs for youth, adults, burn victims, amputees, and those suffering from post-accident distress and depression.

I focus on positivity and willpower in the workplace and the strengths that we have inside us.