Muji Educates


A Motivational Speaker

As a traveling speaker, Muji uses his experience to connect with others and share his passion for positivity. Muji believes that diversity creates strength and opportunity. He shares his painful journey and shines his light on what’s most important to living a satisfying life.

Muji focuses on what it takes to be our best selves and persevere under some of the most challenging circumstances. With hope, humor, and humility Muji shares his journey while aligning with yours.


It’s time to transform lives, and Muji offers some of the necessary tools.

If your business will benefit from help training people to a higher level of willpower and positivity among employees, give Muji a call.

Muji’s workshops and outreach can be tailored for youth, adults, burn victims, amputees, those suffering from post-accident stress and depression, and others.



From personal to professional growth, Muji wants to help you overcome your challenges to create the successful future you’ve always dreamt of, no matter what you are going through, no matter what you have gone through.

A shoulder to lean on, a small circle to vent to, a personal connection, accountability or motivation - a small session or one-on-one partner is your tailored journey.*


Muji is continually seeking ways for life to be better for those he connects with. If you have a service or product that will help improve and shape the lives of burn victims, amputees, people with disabilities, or depression (or other), please contact him regarding partnerships and product modeling.