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Be the silver lining

Muji Blades

I Am H.O.P.E

(Helping Other People Excel)

I’m Muji Karim Founder/CEO of MujiBlades. I had been an athlete. A captain on every team I’d played on, and a leader. After a fiery car crash, both legs and part of my left hand were amputated. After becoming a bilateral leg amputee, I wasn’t sure what success would look like in this world.

I was 100% sure I would not allow my circumstances to determine the quality of my life. I became an athlete again. I started running track, with hopes of making the US Paralympic team. Along my journey, the goal is to offer HOPE. Helping Other People Excel. HOPE, the only thing that even when lost, is still undefeated. I AM HOPE!

My Story

On August 21st, 2011, I was pulled from a fiery car crash and rushed to Brigham and Women’s Hospital. I was almost burned alive. I suffered 3rd and 4th degree burns all over my legs. This necessitated amputation. The process also involved two surgeries a week for two months.

As my condition improved, I was transferred to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. With the help of some amazing people, I worked hard to own my circumstances and to thrive. It was a challenging but often joyful journey that I shared with caring people. I learned a lot about what makes life worth living.


Strength and Commitment

It is my underlying strength and positivity that guides me each day. I live my vision, connect passionately, and thoughtfully with others.

I love the feeling that I’ve helped others learn and share this important and socially vital interaction type.

Mujahid Karim

My Mission

Central to my mission is helping others and myself to live the best and most honest life we can make each day. This does not mean that we have to laugh and smile every day. It means sharing a range of experiences secure in the knowledge that others deeply care as we laugh and cry, in full acceptance…together.